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Leading producer, supplier, and exporter of cutting-edge paint booths, Zen Air Tech Pvt. Ltd. provides a clever way to achieve perfect paint finishes without sacrificing the health and comfort of the operators.Our paint booths are precisely built with attention to detail and offer state-of-the-art features that set them apart in the industry.

Our Paint Booths' downward airflow design, which successfully directs overspray away from the vehicle and the operator's breathing zone, is the main innovation. This makes the finishing process go more smoothly and also makes the workspace cozier and healthier. Our Paint Booths are designed with the operators' safety and wellbeing as top priorities.

Our Hot Air Generator is cleverly designed with two chambers to take fresh air from the top alone. It functions as a blower/heat exchanger device. This design maximizes operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness by greatly extending the lifespan of pricey ceiling filters in conjunction with an enlarged pre-filter area.

Our Paint Booths guarantee a clean, regulated atmosphere for painting by adhering to the Positive Pressure, Vertical Down Draft philosophy. By keeping outside impurities out of the booth, the positive pressure preserves the integrity of the painting environment. The paint job's overall quality is enhanced by the vertical downdraft system, which also improves paint particle collection efficiency.

As producers, we maintain the greatest standards of quality and creativity in each and every one of our paint booth components. As exporters, we further expand our dedication to quality and effectiveness by opening up our cutting-edge technology to sectors throughout the world.

For paint booths in India that redefine dependability, effectiveness, and worker safety, choose Zen Air Tech. Our paint booths are designed to improve the effectiveness and performance of contemporary painting processes; they are more than just equipment. Put your trust in Zen Air Tech Pvt. Ltd.'s quality for all of your painting booth requirements.

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