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Zen Air Tech Pvt. Ltd is your premier destination for top-quality reciprocating air compressors,vaccum pump, screw air compressors and auxillary meticulously engineered for optimal performance and reliability. Our single, two, and three-cylinder compressors serve as the backbone for comprehensive air solutions in industrial setups or as reliable backups for pneumatically operated equipment.

Designed with precision and balance, our compressors are available in both stationary and portable models, with options for electric or diesel power. Custom-built packages are our specialty, tailoring solutions to specific applications with a commitment to meeting your unique requirements.

Our compressors operate seamlessly on a range of electrical powers, from 1 HP to 30 HP, and are suitable for pressures spanning 125 PSIG to 1000 PSIG. This versatility ensures our compressors adapt to the diverse needs of various industrial environments.

At Zen Air Tech Pvt. Ltd, our production system revolves around the pillars of quality, precision, and reliability. With a dedicated manufacturing facility for air compressors, we ensure that each unit adheres to the highest standards.

Beyond merely making sales, our core belief is in Performance and Sales Service. We prioritize not just delivering exceptional products but also providing unparalleled after-sales support. Choose Zen Air Tech Pvt. Ltd for air compressor solutions that define quality on every level, ensuring your industrial needs are met with excellence.

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