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Air Booster Compressor manufacturers in India

Zen Air Tech stands at the forefront as a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Air Booster Compressors, delivering unparalleled performance tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our commitment to providing optimal performance aligns with your preferences and ensures the efficient utilization of low-pressure air.

The design of our Air Booster Compressors is a testament to our dedication to excellence. Crafted to offer the lowest vibration and minimal oil carryover, these compressors provide a superior operational experience, minimizing disruptions and enhancing overall efficiency. We prioritize not just performance but also a seamless user experience, setting our compressors apart in the industry.

The Booster Compressor, a hallmark of our innovation, is engineered to deliver high-pressure air with exceptional power savings. Compared to conventional high-pressure compressors, our Boosters save about 35% power, making them an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for your industrial needs. This focus on sustainability and efficiency reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that contributes to environmental responsibility and cost-effectiveness.

Booster Air Compressor exporter & supplier in India

As manufacturers, we take pride in our role as providers of quality Air Booster Compressors. As suppliers, we ensure that our compressors reach you promptly, meeting your specific requirements. Our role as exporters extends our commitment to innovation and efficiency, sharing our advanced technology with industries globally.

Choose Zen Air Tech for Air Booster Compressors in India that redefine industry standards. Our compressors offer not just performance but also energy savings, providing a comprehensive solution for your compressed air needs. Elevate your operations with the reliability and efficiency of Air Booster Compressors from Zen Air Tech.

Features of Air Booster Compressor:

  Power Saving upto 37%.
  Canopy system for low noise level.
  Complete water cooled intercooling and aftercooling systems with moisture separator.
  ASSC & CSC systems combined in a single starter panel.
  Electric panel board with Pr. and Temp. Indication, electronic pressure switches with safety interlocks.
  Booster in built pressure and water pressure controlling system.
  Flow regulator between LP & HP compressor.
Regular Models
150B 30-2 30 58 35.15
150B 35-2 35 72 35.15
150B 375-2 37.5 80 35.15
175B 45-2 45 115 35.15
175B 60-2 60 140 35.15
175B 80-2 80 200 35.15
200B 85-2 85 225 35.15
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